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Simplified Text Messaging


To provide an all-in-one competitive platform that would bring messaging products for communication, information dissemination, sales, marketing and promotions, and customer support that allows businesses, agencies, and communities to connect to customers and target audiences easily from anywhere.


To make available a practical, convenient, feasible bulk messaging platform that could simplify and economize the delivery of communication and promotional campaigns, manage customer feedback, efficient and effective at instantly reaching an extensive number of people to generate engagement, propagate business opportunities, and boost community networks.


With Text4Me you can check your account, send SMS messages, receive incoming messages, import customer information, configure and schedule your campaign settings all from your own platform.

Effortlessly import contacts promptly by uploading a .csv file with their information and create your message content, configure and schedule the times you’d like your messages and campaigns to be sent.


Keep track of incoming responses and handle all customer feedback in real time.

Manage your data and optimize your messaging setup with our advanced features with Custom Sender ID.